Can I Expect a Return on Investment from Refinishing My Bathtub

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Specifically, location or where something is. This piece of sound real estate advice is one of many that you have no doubt heard before. A house in a more desired area will sell more quickly and for a higher price than one in a less attractive one. The right location can attract buyers, but that […]

Hotel Bathtub Refinishing & Ceramic Tile Surround Refinishing Solutions

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The hospitality sector is aware of the need of maintaining a spotless appearance for comfortable lodging. By providing services that could raise rentals, JW Toms River Tub Reglazing supports the requirements of your business properties. We realize that every day your accommodation is unavailable means lost revenue. We take all reasonable precautions to prevent this. […]

Why You Should Get Your Bathtub Refinished

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When peeling, bathtub reglazing is necessary: Reglazing May Be Necessary When a Bathtub Peels: You might need to reglaze your bathtub if the paint is visibly peeling. When the chemical bond is damaged as a result of subpar reglazing of the tub, peeling patterns commonly develop. Peeling marks are really just painted gently flaking off […]

Reasons to Get Your Bathtub Refinished

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The advantages of having your bathtub fixed or refinished if it is outdated, chipped, or otherwise damaged go beyond aesthetics. The following list outlines the advantages of our bathtub refinishing method for efficiency, affordability, and health: Replace instead of refinishing your bathtub to save money. Not just the buying price goes toward the overall cost […]

How Long Does the Results of Bathtub Reglazing Lasts?

How Long Does the Results of Bathtub Reglazing Lasts?

Many individuals question whether the time, money, and effort they invest in this project—reglazing a bathtub—will be worthwhile. Will the intended effects be realized, bringing a worn-out, old tub back to its former beauty?  How long will its refinished appearance last?  If the reglazing of the bathtub is carried out expertly and by a seasoned […]

How Do You Clean a Bathtub That Has Been Reglazed?

How Do You Clean a Bathtub That Has Been Reglazed?

You might be wondering if there is any extra maintenance you need to do after your bathtub reglazing project is finished. Yes, if you want to maintain the top condition of your just-refinished bathtub for many years to come. In order to get the most out of your new tub, follow this helpful guide: Extra […]