Professional Bathtub Services

Toms River, New Jersey

Toms River Bathtub Reglazing is equipped to reglaze all types of bathtubs – from cast iron, pressed steels, Jacuzzi, shower pans and stalls to porcelain finishes, and even the new fiberglass gel coat tubs!

Toms River Tub Reglazing


If you need a bathtub, tile, fiberglass, or countertop resurfaced in the New Jersey area, get in touch with the professionals at JW Toms River Tub Reglazing right now for a FREE quote.

We can fix almost any porcelain bathtub, fiberglass bathtub, ceramic tile, cultured marble surface, or laminate countertop using our high-performance coatings and products.

Your bathtub or ceramic tile surround may gain an extra 10 to 15 years of useful service life due to our tough resurfacing. Many locals cannot distinguish between a newly installed bathtub and one that has been refinished because of the high caliber of our bathtub work. 

We resurface your old bathtub with the aid of a brand-new finish that is simple to maintain and is guaranteed to last for many years.

Because bathtub reglazing is a safe, effective, and non-intrusive procedure, homeowners may have it done without making huge messes or offending adjacent homes or neighbors. The method also doesn’t need a lot of maintenance or cleaning. A multitude of coating types can be used to produce the finish.

The concept and the practice of refinishing bathtubs in particular room areas have been around for some time. A replacement is expensive, and dismantling a whole appliance or system damages the walls and floors. Additionally, plumbers’ aid is frequently needed for the proper installation of new equipment.

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Is your bathtub stained, chipped, scratched, tough to maintain or faded?

Reglazing bathtubs is infinitely better than the wear and tear of replacement procedures, and comes without the large cost of buying a new bathtub. You really don’t want to tax your nerves with such serious renovations. Just think about it: a brand new tub within the fraction of the price and time!


Bathtub Reglazing

Bathtub Reglazing

This is a type of affordable bathtub restoration that involves buffing down the paint and applying a new coat along with some protectant.
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Bathtub Repair

Bathtub Repair

Bathtubs are mostly installed in houses before walls being completed. As a result, when damage is detected at the end of the building process, it is not always possible to replace the tub.
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Shower Tile Refinishing & Regrouting

Shower Tile Refinishing & Regrouting

Do the tiles around your bathroom look so bad that you almost can’t stand to be in there with them? Was the color you chose super nice looking back in the day, but just hasn’t aged well at all?
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Counter Tops

Counter tops

If you are planning a bathroom makeover but don’t have the money to install new tile countertops, try an economical approach: Resurface your current tiles to give them an entirely fresh appearance.
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