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Which is Cheaper: Bathroom Remodeling or Tile Refinishing?

02.3 - tile reglazing or bathroom remodel

When most people think of a bathroom redesign, they envision a long process involving several tradespeople and, most likely, a large quantity of money. While not all bathroom renovation tasks are the same, one thing is undeniable: even the most basic bathroom remodeling is expensive. There are several explanations for this, but it is different […]

Why Hire Experts for Tile Reglazing

01.3 - hire professionls for tile reglazing

Many DIY jobs may be done in modern homes, but tile reglazing is not one of them. While you may lay tiles on your own, restoring them to restore their brightness is better left to professionals. Tile refinishing and bathtub refinishing in Toms River. Don’t worry our dependable team can do tile reflazing as quickly […]

Painting Kitchen Cabinets in 6 Simple Steps

06.3 - steps for kitchen cabinet painting

The kitchen is the heart of your house, and if you ever want to sell it, it should be one room with the “wow factor.” This does not need a huge kitchen to remodel; something as simple as painted kitchen cabinets might help enhance the whole space. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a simple technique that […]

Reglazing a Bathtub: Pros and Cons

05.3 - pros and cons of bathtub reglazing

An old tub may distract from the look of a bathroom, especially if it has chips, cracks, or other minor damage. While it is possible to replace an old bathtub with a new one, reglazing a tub may revive a whole bathroom. In this section, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of reglazing a […]

7 Easy Steps to Tub Reglazing Success

04.3 - tips for successful bathtub reglazing

The majority of homeowners choose tub reglazing over purchasing a new bathtub. Why? Because when done correctly, competent bathtub refinishing can make a tub seem as good as new. This approach also allows your clients to keep their tubs in place, eliminating the need to replace existing flooring, tiling, fixtures, and other features. Instead, the […]

Advantages of Bathtub Reglazing

03.3 - benefits of bathtub reglazing

Consider acquiring a new one if your old bathtub is worn out and damaged. Bathtub refinishing is an excellent option with several benefits. Here are some of the advantages of bathtub reglazing: It allows you to use your bathtub for many more years. After refinishing and carefully maintaining a bathtub while in use, you may […]

Budget Renovation: The Cost of Tub & Tub Reglazing Explained

02.3 - budget friendly renovation in tile refinishing

JW Toms River Tub Reglazing is the tub and tile resurfacing and refinishing expert! We are a group of highly qualified specialists.  We are dedicated to revitalizing your old and worn-out bathroom fixtures. We provide reglazing, resurfacing, and refinishing of bathtubs and tiles, chip and crack repair, color change, and other treatments. One of our […]

Is It Worth to Reglaze a Bathtub?

01.3 - is it worth the money to reglaze bathtubs

We’ve all seen them; some of us own an old, chipped bathtub. It has seen years of use and is barely fit for a bathroom fixture. It may be so bad that you cannot take a peaceful bath because you are obsessed with the pockmarks and rust spots. Now, you’re wondering how to save your […]

Bathtub Refinishing: Things to Think About

06-2023 tub reglazing 40

It takes more effort than you might imagine to remodel a bathtub. In reality, nearly all bathtub repairs are completed before the tub is repainted. Only 2% resort to professional techniques and high-end coatings designed specifically for bathtub repairs. You should ask yourself a few things before deciding to refinish your bathtub. What Does It […]

Refinishing Tile: A Simple Way to Update an Outdated Bathroom

06-2023 tub reglazing 39

Two options present themselves when one is “blessed” with a bathroom from the 1950s, complete with pastel-colored tiles (peach? teal? fading yellow?). Get used to it, or prepare to remodel. Reglazing tile, tubs, and sinks is a third alternative that can be just as impressive as a total makeover without the time and expense.  Possibly […]