Plumbing 101: How to Caulk Shower and Bathtub Trim

caulk shower

Everyone understands the need to caulk the long seams between the wall and the edges of a bathtub/shower pan, or along the rails of a shower door. However, most people often overlook the smaller seams around escutcheon plates and the various rings or caps concealing the holes where plumbing pipes or faucet valves come through […]

Plumbing 101: How to Remove a Tub Drain in Your Home

remove bathtub drain | Bathtub Refinishing | Remodel a Bathroom | Toms River NJ

If you are planning to replace your bathtub or if your drain fitting is already severely corroded and needs replacement, learning how to remove a tub drain is a necessary plumbing skill you must have. The drain fitting is a metal basket-like piece that has a lip or flange at the top and a body […]

Your Fool-Proof Guide on DIY Bathtub Refinishing

diy bathtub | Bathtub Refinishing | Remodel a Bathroom | Toms River NJ

If it has been a while since you bought your bathtub, then it is understandable if it already looks worn out and discolored. And if no amount of cleaning or scrubbing could bring it back to its former pristine condition, then it is also understandable if most homeowners would think that replacing it with a […]